Privacy Policy | More than half of jobs in Chile, at risk of automation


According to the OECD study, 53% of jobs may disappear due to automation in Chile. Of this total, 31% face a significant risk of being lost forever due to the impact of new technologies and another 22% face very high chances of fainting, according to the report "How is life in the digital age? the well-being of people, "published by the OECD.

The study, which examines how digitization will affect society's daily life model, establishes that, on average, OECD countries will lose 46% of their jobs.

The report argues that Chile "faces high exposure to the risks of digital transformation and limited performance in terms of opportunities" compared to the other countries that make up the bloc.

In the case of Chile, the economic cooperation agency emphasizes, among other things, how the proportion of jobs that may be lost due to automation is similar to that of several European economies.


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