President Piñera announced the remodeling of the Frei Montalva Air Base in Antarctica


O President Sebastián Piñera presented on Saturday the plan to reform the President of the Eduardo Frei Montalva Air Base in the Chilean Antarctic territory.

The president announced the details of the renovation of the infrastructure of the largest Chilean base in Antarctica in an activity with the first lady, Cecilia Morel, the ministers of defense, Alberto EspinaCultures Consuelo Valdésand Science and Technology, Andrés Cabbage, besides the senator by Magellan Carolina Goic (A.D).

"This renewal of Frei's base has many goals, first Let's improve the track., which is one of the permanent forms of connection with the continent, and improve the hangar, so that it can fulfill the function it requires, "Piñera said.

"Also Let's build a dock. to facilitate the arrival of people who come by sea, and in this way Chile will provide a connection of this base and the Antarctic Peninsula with the mainland, particularly Punta Arenas, by area 365 days a year, and also by seaway, "he said.

In May of last year since the newly assumed government of Piñera recognized the "very critical situation" suffered by the base.

The head of state arrived Friday in the zone for the second time this week to resume his agenda, which he suspended this week after the new episode involving Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick in the context of the case the crime of Mapuche comunero Camilo Catrillanca in La Araucanía.


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