President of Sporting Cristal: "We just talked to Mario Salas and yes, he is leaving" – National football


© UNO Agency President of Sporting Cristal:

Federico Cuneo acknowledged that the coach will leave the Peruvian box to return to Chile. TVN


Everything indicates that it is a matter of hours for Colo Colo officially announce the arrival of Mario Salas as the new coach of the albos for the 2019 season, especially after the words of the president of the Sporting Cristal.

In dialogue with The mercury, Federico Cuneo recognized: "We just talked to him and yes, he leaves Sporting Cristal and returns to Chile, we are very grateful for him."

"I do not know exactly when Mario will return to his country, but it should be in the next few days," added the helmsman of the recent Peruvian champion.


As reported The mercury, the "commander" will have two million dollars to hire four players: a defender, a pamphlet and two attackers.

However, this can change in case some figure "dawn" leaves the club, as Matías Zaldivia, Óscar Opazo or Claudio Baeza.

In black and white they recognize that they need to "make money", so they have not ruled out any player on the current team.



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