President of River Plate: "The Saturday thing happened outside, it was the responsibility of the State"


This Tuesday will be a key day in the corridors of Conmebol. Although it is assumed that at this point we should talk about the final that River and Boca played, the bad thing is that the game is still in development and without the most important thing, that is the ball.

Tomorrow the cast of the Millionaire must present his defense and defense before the embarrassing situation led by his brave bar, before the arrival of the bus of Boca to the Monumental of Nuñez and that led to the suspension of the meeting.

Due to this serious event, the Xeneize cast claiming against Conmebol for the entity to apply Article 18 of the Rules of Discipline, which includes penalties ranging from fines to cash to the determination of a result or game dispute in another country.

In Assunção, the meeting will be held, where the Rioplatense delegation has already advanced some guidelines. The main one, will be to establish the difference with what happened in the Copa Libertadores of 2015, with the remembered incident of the gas of the pepper, in the stage the Bombonera:It is not the same situation. At that time there was a drone, one that cut the sleeve, the other with gas in the middle of a game, violating private security. The Sabbath thing happened outside. They were not within the River's security ring, it was the responsibility of the state. " said Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, president of River.

Everything indicates that the mess should be defined on Tuesday in the offices of Asuncion and without a doubt, should set a precedent for the future, due to this embarrassment that badly represented South American football.


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