Pokémon Let's Go: the best-selling Nintendo that broke the record for Mario Bros


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Pokémon Let's Go is the best debut on the Nintendo Switch so far.

In just one week, two new Pokémon titles for Nintendo have made history with sales exceeding three million copies worldwide, surpassing the numbers achieved by (so far) unbeatable Super Mario Bros.

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Let Go Eevee became his debut in the series of Video games for Switch most sold so far on the Nintendo console.

They were also the top sellers during the Black Friday & # 39; in the United States, the most important shopping event in the country.

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It is a new generation of video games inspired by the nostalgia of an older version that hopes to attract a horde of fans powered by the Pokémon fever.

And although Pokémon was born in the now classic Nintendo 64, the game has been modernized as technology has advanced. For example, adding augmented reality, as happened in Pokémon Go.

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But what is so new Pokémon Let's Go and why is it so popular?

Inspired by a classic for Game Boy

The new version of the game is based on the classic Game Boy Color and allows players to search, capture, and battle wild Pokémon.

It is the first Pokémon RPG that is not played on a mobile or handheld console. In addition, it allows the player to interact directly with Pikachu.

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The new titles are inspired by a Nintendo 64 game.

Red, Blue and Yellow Pokémon (Red, Blue and Yellow Edition) They were released in the late 90s.

The yellow was slightly different because the game started with a Pikachu that did not stay in his pokeball, as happened in the original cartoon series. Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee are very inspired by this classicvintage.

Some words from the Pokémon jargon:

  • Pokémon Japanese contraction Poketto Monsutā, meaning pocket monster
  • Pokisball = special device to capture and transport a Pokémon to train it
  • Gym = site where the Pokémon fight each other
  • Pikachu the most famous Pokémon, an icon of Japanese culture
  • Eevee= is a favorite type of Pokemon among many game fans

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Pokémon Let's Go also has the influence of Pokémon Go.

Get them now!

Obviously, 20 years after the original games were released, things have changed.

One of them is the inspiration for the success of Pokémon Go, the game for smartphones with virtual reality that caused a furor in 2016 and that influenced the new version in terms of how to capture the characters.

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In Let's Go, the more Pokémon you get, the more prizes you get, as in the Pokémon Go.

In addition, unlike in the Red, Blue, or Yellow editions, the player must walk towards a Pokémon to start the game, instead of fighting with thousands of characters along the way.

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What is augmented reality and what other applications does it have besides the Pokémon Go?

What is the difference between & # 39;Pokémon: Come on, Pikachu!& # 39; and & # 39;Pokémon: Come on, Eevee!& # 39;?

The Pokémon with which the game begins is different in each of them. As expected, it is starring Pikachu or Eevee.

Pikachu has a southern table which allows you to navigate offshore, while Eevee can use a hot air balloon and fly around the world.

Some Pokémon are only available in one version.

Oddish, Sandshrew and Growlithe only appear on the Pikachu, while Bellsprout, Vulpix and Meowth are exclusive to Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee.

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Each version has different characters.

Can Pikachu or Eevee evolve?

No. The Pikachu or Eevee you start with does not change during the game, only the captured Pokémon.

And just because you chose Eevee does not mean you can not pick up a Pikachu and vice versa. In fact, the Pikachu is easier to find in nature.

Eevee, on the other hand, has never been available to be caught in the wild in the original Game Boy games. Let's Go is very much based on them, so it's very likely they're equally difficult to capture in the new game.

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