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Plant Food Startup NotCo expands in the region – 24/08/2019

The Chilean Company The Not Company (NotCo), which in March received the financial support of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, llegó a Argentina to produce food of plant origin at times when the country has been going through its economic crisis since 2001.

Despite the fact that consumption in the third economy of Latin America has plunged this year through a deep recession and high inflation, the company relies on being able to position itself in Argentina with a proposal that helps to take care of the environment.

The firm, which sells foods that produce the basis of gracious vegetable ingredients a la artificial intelligence, and you are present in Brazil.

"Argentina, we may not be at the moment, but we are not going to cut short, we are going to be wide," said NotCo founder Matías Muchnick at the company's presentation.

The company received financial support from Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

The company will import the concentrated ingredients from Chile and convert them into finished products, listed for consumption, in some factories in Argentina.

Just now, the solo company sells in Argentina its classic NotMayo, maya sin huevo there is the base of garbanzo that in months would be commercialized in all the supermarkets of the country, where next also will launch leche and helado.

Muchnick, 31 years old, launched the NotMay in March 2017 in Chile and in 8 months reached 8% market share.

In March of this year, the company raised $ 30 million in a funding gap led by the background The Craftory and the participation of Bezos, among other investors.

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