Plá accused of discriminating against foreign journalist on visit to Magallanes: Seremi denied the phrase | National


This Saturday, the women's siési of Women and Gender Equality in Magallanes, Patricia Mackenney, denied the veracity of the message that they accuse Minister Isabel Plá of saying in her passage through Punta Arenas.

"This Colombian does not get anything". This is the phrase that the minister said Thursday and that made the Association of Magellan Journalists react.

This would have happened after the practitioner asked her about a possible decrease in resources intended to prevent gender-based violence, which, according to them, would have originated Plá. finish the press point, signaling the phrase when retiring.

Through a public statement, the union rejected the agreement and indicated that "We can not accept the discriminatory treatment that our colleague suffered of the local television channel ITV Patagonia, precisely the authority that has the task of protecting it. "

"In cases like these, the protection and respect discourse loses strength and seriousness when it is not practiced," they questioned.

Faced with this, as reported by El Pinguino, Seremi, said in a statement that "Minister Plá answered all questions asked by the local press and at no time used the phrase that affirms the news portal, nor referred to terms for any of the journalists covering the press point. "

"We regret the interest of some people in tarnishing the visit of a member of President Sebastián Piñera's cabinet to our region, spreading falsehoods," added La Seremi.


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