"Pinochet is indivisible with respect to the violation of DD.HH"


There have been a few occasions when RN MP Marcela Sabat thought about leaving the party she had been in for 18 years. It is recognized from the "liberal" sector of Chile Vamos, and although it does not share the words of its Camila Flores nor the division of the question as it has been done, will continue militating and says that its challenge is "to validate from the bases the liberal sector" of your community.

In this interview he discusses the discussion about Pinochet, he says that this issue can not be integrated with the diversity of the sector and he is worried that the candidates will be raised outside the coalition in reference to the proximity of the deputies of the RN with Jose Antonio Kast.

What happened to you when you heard Ms. Camila Flores say she was a Pinochet and received applause from the RN Council?

There are several questions. From the less conservative sector there is pain, perplexity and also surprise. Because we all know that within the RN, from its formation, two souls coexist in terms of value, liberals and conservatives that enrich our ideas. In general, our differences are based on this, but when diversity is anchored in Pinochet, we are also anchoring everything that implies and that has to do with the violations of Human Rights and with many situations that caused much pain to Chile. . So that applause causes pain.

Do you think this is a setback for your party and the industry?

I am concerned that this situation leads us to the past, to a theme that in the National Renewal was solved by majority when we renew our principles. We are a party that wants to talk about the future, that wants to deal with social issues and this can be counterproductive.

Under the presidency of Cristián Monckeberg, in 2014, the allusion to the dictatorship was eliminated from the RN declaration of principles. Are you surprised that this happens at your party?

What worries me is that the diversity we have in RN, which is presented as a positive trait, is misinterpreted and its limits are diffuse. Put as a positive feature of our party's defense of Pinochet, I am concerned, especially if we carry our own principles in which any totalitarian, undemocratic, any type of political violence or violation of human rights is condemned. No one remains here, but there are limits.

The current president of his party, Mario Desbordes, valued this diversity in the RN and even in the government. Is it legitimate to condemn human rights violations in the dictatorship, but to evaluate a possible contribution to the institutions of the country?

Pinochet is indivisible with respect to the violation of Human Rights. For this reason, from the pain I raise this incoherence. It has to do with how we look now to the future and the center of social policy when those voices reappear. I am worried about the work of these last years in the line of looking to the future and condemning the violation of human rights. We fall into the same inconsistency in which communism falls when it condemns only the dictatorship in Chile and celebrates Maduro or Castro.

You have defined yourself as part of the "liberal center-right" in your industry. From what happened in recent weeks, do you already feel a minority within the RN and Chile?
This is not in question. By majority we changed the principles of the RN three years ago; It's a settled question. We are many more who think of the future, diversity as an opportunity to integrate different people who think like us, but who in no case surpass our principles, is counterproductive.

On several occasions and when the differences occurred like the ones you are creating today, you thought about leaving your party. Give up?

No. The challenge is much greater, is to validate from the grassroots to the more liberal sector, and to do so from the institutional framework. That is why we should encourage the existence of a liberal RN with knowledge of the cause, which is as much advocated and encouraged as the conservative sector. Today, with a greater reason, we have a president like Mario Desbordes, who also advocates liberal ideas that help.

But Mr Desbordes argues that the matter can be divided …

It is that these doubts are solved when reading the declaration of principles that we voted for three years. Let's not get stuck on past issues and look to the future. The debate has now been resolved. The President of my party condemns human rights violations.

Deputy Mr Desbordes condemns human rights violations, but acknowledges that there is a sector of Pinochet in the RN that divides the issue …

I reiterate, it seems to me that Pinochet and the violation of human rights are indivisible. That we have established ourselves for three years with more than 80% of the votes in the National Council. I am worried that we will fall into the same inconsistency that we condemn the Communists when they celebrate Maduro and Castro and condemn the Chilean dictatorship.

Are you worried that most of the deputies who have shown themselves close to José Antonio Kast are from your party?

What worries me is not the proximity, but the unnecessary thing that is at the moment to raise presidential candidacies outside the party, not only for the damages to the internal leaderships, but also to the presidential figure of Sebastián Piñera. We are only in a first year of government and we have to strengthen its leadership and internal relations of the coalition, the rest is to make political fiction.

Rep. Desbordes said yesterday that he had no problems in which Jose Antonio Kast participated in the primary of Chile Vamos and that, even if he won, he would support him. If Kast participates in elementary school and wins, would you also support him?

Let's not go ahead for the scenarios, politics is very variable and there is still a long way to go.


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