Piñera continues to descend on Cadem despite appealing to the populist letter of the immigration issue


President Sebastián Piñera suffered a further drop in approval, according to the results of the latest Cadem survey.

The president got an approval of 38%, three points less than the measurement of November 30 last. Meanwhile, it was 47% disapproved.

Piñera failed to obtain approval for a refusal to sign the UN-promoted Migration Pact because 58 percent of respondents supported the government's decision to subtract. Only 36% were against the government's decision.

However, 80% of respondents think that migration is a human right, as the newspaper says. The third.

His office was also affected, as it reached the lowest approval of the year, with 33%. The disapproval reached 49%.

Regarding the evaluation of the politicians, Joaquín Lavín was the best evaluated (74%), followed by Heraldo Muñoz (58%) and Jorge Sharp (55%).

The other sides of the coin were Jacqueline van Rysselberghe (59% rejection), José Antonio Kast (55%) and Guido Girardi (54%).

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