Saturday , October 23 2021

Photos | More than 100 new species of & # 39; nightmares & # 39; submarines were discovered in Tasmania


Australian scientists have discovered more than 100 new species of animals in marine reserves on the south coast of Tasmania and also photographed dozens of representatives of species already known. The photos were published by the Australian scientific organization Marine Biodiversity Pole.

For a month, a team of several scientific organizations led by experts from the State Association of Scientific and Applied Research (CSIRO) examined 45 underwater mounts where corals and deep-sea animals live on reefs.

Aboard the Investigator ship, the scientists used special remote-controlled cameras to study depths up to 1,900 meters, collecting 60,000 photos and 300 hours of video.

Scientists have discovered for the first time several new types of crabs and lobsters as well as corals and mollusks. Samples were collected using a small network.

In addition, the researchers found species already known, for example, the famous Psychrolutes marcidus, a species of gill fish, endemic in Australian waters. The team also observed 40 species of sea birds and several species of whales and dolphins.

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