"People who have Alzheimer's die and I'm not dying"


Rumors that the health of Diego Maradona was delicate exploded on Tuesday morning when the Argentine journalist Luis Ventura revealed the sensitive information in the program Involved of America TV.

"Diego has health problems. It's been wrong for a while. The sisters want him hospitalized for neurological treatment. There are things that Diego solves in the fly and others that he can not solve, "said Ventura, according to the Chronicle.

However, after these lawyer of the old Argentina team, Matías Morla, has issued a statement where denied this statement and noted that "it was propagated by a malicious source that only seeks to generate conflicts".

"Before the versions about which Diego Maradona has "onset of Alzheimer's" I want to clarify that all the medical studies that were carried out did not give any indication to that effect"He assured her.

In this sense, he pointed out that "In Mexico, where Maradona was driving and in charge not only of a football team but of a technical team, the club also performed different health exams, some by psychologists and psychiatrists, which proved to be satisfactory and we have not received any medical information related to media coverage. "

The afternoon of Thursday was the same star who decided to leave to clear the rumors with a video he posted to his Instagram account. In it he dismissed that he has any problem related to his health.

"Hello to all Maradonians, there are many in the country. More and more because They lie, lie, talk about Alzheimer's disease, they do not know what the word Alzheimer means. It's fucking great. People who have Alzheimer's disease die and I'm not dying", Commented in the video.

In the clip, which already totals more than 250 thousand reproductions, the 10 criticized the dissemination of false information.

"Because these kids, you know that, they play this to create confusion and for me the confusion will not, because this is not know how to do journalism, is to want to take the shortest route and want to hit the other. I do not, I won the first place playing soccer"He concluded.

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