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Peñasquito suspends all types of payments by block

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Zacatecas The mining company located in Mazapil reports that the leader of the ejidatarios, Felipe Pinedo, demands 442 million dollars for the alleged affectation to a source

Newmont Goldcorp Peñasquito announced that it has suspended all payments to unionized employees, employees, contractors, suppliers and communities.

The above, he said in a statement, for the blockade of the mine since March 27, led by Felipe Pinedo, advisor to Senator José Narro Céspedes, and a group of ejidatarios.

The following is reproduced:

The Peñasquito mine, located in Mazapil, Zacatecas, regrets to have to inform the public that we are obliged to suspend all payments to contracted employees and unionized workers.

We also suspend all contributions to funds, productive projects, scholarships and social investment programs.

The reason for these suspensions is that, since March 27, 2019, a group of people from Ejido San Juan de Cedros, along with members and leaders of the transport company CAVA, are illegally blocking the operation of the Peñasquito mine, preventing the exit and the land entrance, with serious consequences.

In a meeting on September 27, with company executives, he demanded through his representative, Felipe Pinedo, (advisor to Senator José Narro), a payment of 442 million dollars for the alleged affectation to a mass of water in said community. .

Community members indicated that Senator Narro's counselor and two legal counsel would receive $ 80 million of that payment.

The owner of CAVA, Ascensión Carrillo, uses community names to simulate having an associated carrier organization. In fact, it charges an important commission to potential CAVA members.

Carrillo demands a payment of 184 million pesos for an alleged "displacement rate" which, in reality, is nothing more than an attempt at extortion.

The company announced on April 9 that it will no longer work with CAVA for its repeated illegal blockades of the mining operation. The miner will hire local carriers directly to ensure they earn better (not having to pay Carrillo's commission) and the economic and moral wear and tear of having to face CAVA's repeated extortion attempts.

It should be noted that the blockers, in their public statements, insist on messages focused on water and employment, but their private messages to the mining company focus on directly and openly demanding these amounts of money.

Our company is not willing to give in to such extortion attempt by these individuals. We criminally denounced the leaders of the blockade and some officials also reported these people to the threats of violence they suffered.

Senator Narro has repeatedly smeared our company with strong and obvious lies about our operations. We reiterate that our mine operates with the highest standards of respect for the environment and the communities that surround us.

This blockage affects the source of income of more than 20,000 people who collaborate directly and indirectly in this mining operation. More than 80% of the workers are from Zacatecas and more than 500 are from the nearest communities.

Mine's position is, and always will be, to maintain dialogue and seek sustainable solutions. Proof of this is that of the 25 communities in our area of ​​influence, only a small group participates in the illegal blockade.

Therefore, we ask the Mexican and Zacatecas authorities to help unlock this situation that seriously affects so many people due to the greed of very few.


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