Pedro Astorga would be giving a new opportunity in love with ex Karol Lucero


"The new love that shakes the show." This is how the panelists Intruders They introduced the novel that they would be living Pedro Astorga and Cata Vallejos, ex-girlfriend of Karol Lucero.

As reported, former "Street 7" and the ex-reality show would be putting their best efforts to keep their relationship a secret. However, their attitudes did not go unnoticed.

Intruders The net

Rodrigo Van Cauwelaert, assured that between the two "there is something more than a friendship". And to prove it, he showed a photo that Cata Vallejo shared with Newén, Pedro Astorga's dog. This track, led the program's reporters to clarify that something happened between them.

"I know they had a lot of fun," added Van Cauwelaert, explaining that when they linked the model to Toarii, she was worried that she was with someone.

"So they've been out there for a long time, it's not a one-week relationship," said Michael Roldan.


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