Thursday , April 22 2021

PDI retrieves stolen statues from the General Cemetery since 2003

Detectives of Environmental Brigades (Bidema) Metropolitan, Rancagua and Lacim recovered valuable sculptures that were commissioned for theft along with other archaeological and paleontological species.

The species were found on a 46-hectare farm Saint Francis of Mostazal, thanks to a photograph of a statue that would have been published in a local newspaper and after several abilities managed to find the location of the work that maintained commission for robbery since 2003.

According to PDI Deputy Mayor Pablo Ibarra, the site was attended by a significant number of officials:It required highly qualified staff, so they were specialized historians, planimetrists and photographers"He also points out that X-ray technology was used to obtain the materiality of the statues.

The IDP team was able to recover eight statues from the General Cemetery of Santiago, two statues iron Monte Santa Luciafossils and trunks with species stolen from Church of San Francisco. On the other hand, they were also found armaments corresponding to the Pacific War, all species being evaluated between 150 and 200 million pesos.

Deputy Mayor Ibarra said that at the moment there are no detainees because of this fact and the Attorney of Rancagua is conducting research to clarify the reception of the works.

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