PDI investigates discovery of two bodies in the sector The Companies of La Serena | National


The IDP team is investigating the discovery of the two-man body in the Las Companies sector in La Serena.

The discovery was made by passers-by after 13:00 hours near a sports precinct in the sector, giving notice to the Carabineros.

To the place, located on the street Avenue Islón with Aurora of Chile, police arrived and confirmed that both people were dead.

The service promoter left the investigation of the case in charge of the Homicide brigade of the PDI.

According to the background, the two deceased persons would have been found by passers-by in a kind of ruco, where apparently both spent the night, since they were two people in street situation.

"In the place the respective experiments were carried out, like the external examination of both corpses, being able to finally establish that there are no elements or evidences that presume the action of third partiesbecause the victims did not present any injuries, "said Sub-Mayor Cristian Lobos, head of the La Serena Homicide Brigade.

The bodies of the deceased were transferred to the Medical Legal Service to perform the corresponding autopsy and determine the cause of death accurately.


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