Patricia Maldonado had no sympathy with Jani Dueñas' joke: "She went crazy"


Patricia Maldonado did an analysis on the first victim of the "monster" of the Festival of Viña del Mar, comedian Jani Dueñas, who was only 30 minutes on stage due to the persistent errors of the public.

"The audience was generous, it was beautiful. If it had happened 15 years ago, it lasted 3 minutes," said the speaker in "Mucho Gusto."

He added that "they gave him all the possibilities in the world so he could set up a routine" and that there is no reason for him to be supportive of the genre when he is playing the fool.

The opinion writer did not particularly like a joke about children, when Duenas referred to them as annoying and that it would be good to "stop having them."

"You'll be upset because you do not have kids." "My kids never bothered me." When you touch that, I say, "she's crazy," she went crazy, "Maldonado asked.


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