Thursday , February 25 2021

Pasapalabra participant won an ovation, responding 11 consecutive replies on rosco | TV and Show

A tense episode of Password was lived on Wednesday, as one of the participants was very close to taking the rosco of 116 million pesos. Rodrigo Bustamante He gave a lot to talk among the viewers, after he got eleven consecutive answers in his questionnaire.

The man, who is a graphic designer, confronted the doctor Ronald Valenzuela in the chapter, winning by a large margin and remaining with the win, although he did not win the jackpot.

However, Bustamante's best moment was when he was able to write eleven correct answers in his thread, filling in half of their questionnaire and winning the public standing ovation.

To a large extent, this series of successes was what helped the graphic designer to win in the chapter, since He also had no mistakes in his answers, although he has little time in the end.

Consulted by Julián Elfenbein, Rodrigo explained that he wanted the money to change his business and start a venture, since his career as a designer and designer was not giving an economic return.

It should be noted that the famous guests who supported the participants were Flaviana Seeling, Bruno Zaretti, Fernanda Hansen and Horacio Saavedra.

On the other hand, the thorn for the next chapter of Password accumulated 118 million pesos.

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