Pamela Díaz had no compassion for Carola de Moras at the premiere of Café Concert


Friday night was the premiere of the concert café of Pamela Díaz, Chiqui Aguayo and Nacho Gutiérrez called "Así la la tele", based on a libretto constructed by Chiqui Aguayo.

The debut was made at the Enjoy Casino in Viña del Mar and brought not only the laughter of the audience, but also of its own protagonists, who liked to remember episodes and controversial discussions.

To make an idea, Aguayo joked with his past for the Viña Festival and the critics of his show that was described as rude.

"They are trying to flaunt me, you think Alberto Plaza" and "the common thing in the Festival was not me, she was the lady of the sign language." It was the common thing that spoiled my routine, "were some of his speeches, being her physics the center of the story, since she was operated "all for the exchange and only needs the cheeks".

Nacho had a party with his controversial match of the CHV and its enemies. "I started reading the time, I was 22 years old and I made it like the tone … then I moved to SQP" and I got scared every day that (Felipe) Avello took me out of the closet, at that time " , he said.

More confident, he continued, "ten executives told me that gays could not conduct television shows and that I had to be more gay, but I demanded and won and I am very encouraging in the morning of TVN and I am very happy," he emphasized. .

But the beast is the beast and took his minute to allude to Carola De Moras. He joked to his companion, "A woman is going to betray you, a tall woman … It is not well judged by the public … But two women will help you, one Cure and the other Hue …" while the people I laugh

Gutiérrez revealed that La Fran (Francisca García Huidobro) and Jordi (Castell) "told him to put Botox, so I could not smile or cry." In relation to its conflict with Carmen Gloria Arroyo, she clarified that with her "everything reconciles".


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