Paloma Mami and his passage for "Rojo": "I felt that Leandro Martínez was competing against me"


Before settling in the United States for a few months, Dove mommy spoke for the first time in extenso about his arrival in Chile and his participation in the program "Rojo".

The Chilean singer was interviewed in the Saturday magazine of El Mercurio, where she remembered his arrival in Chile at age 16 after birth and growth in New Yorkdaughter of a French architect and translator.

"I did not want to meet new people because I'm also very antisocial, I do not like talking to people"said the 19-year-old artist. "Do you think here, walking in the street, someone told me a positive comment? … I remember a girl who told me "Go back to your city". And I: I come from New York, what is this population?"he said.

On her way through "Rojo", where she participated as Paloma Castillo, she does not have the best memories. "They were like actors. I remember that every day they shouted "Paloma smiles that they are showing you! Every time you go on camera, you do not smile! And I'm such a real person. I will not pretend that I like something I do not like. I was super uncomfortable all the time, "he said.

Dove Mami also remembered at the moment he was saved by the jury of the elimination duel against another competitor. Both had a Leandro Martínez as "coach", but the singer showed his frustration on camera by the jury's decision, who preferred the most important artist of Chilean music today.

"It did not hurt (Martinez reaction) because I never knew him. I did not feel it was my coach, I felt that he was competing against me … I've never felt such hatred in a play, as many people wanted to kill me, "he said.

Finally, Paloma Mami's mother and aunt revealed what was involved in the interview. the contract with the program and because his departure was decided. "We saw him with a lawyer," said his mother Andrea Astorga, "If I had signed and had today's success, Dove would be tied for 10 years and over, with zero weight in favor".


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