Palestino and Santiago Morning define the new women's football champion


Palestine and the Santiago Morning they face in the National Stadium, in the great final of women's football, in a key year in which the national team qualified the team World Cup 2019.

While the "Arabic"They will look for their second title, the"microbush"They will try to reach their first crown.

2018 Women's Football Final

Palestinian 2-3 Morning of Santiago. Finished. National Stadium Listen in the open air in Cooperativa and review the Virtual Marker of

0-1: 28; María Francisca Mardones (MOR); 1-1: 40 & # 39; María José Urrutia (PAL). 1-2: 48 & # 39; Lindsay Zullo (MOR). 1-3: 85 & # 39; Catalina López (MOR). 2-3: 91 & # 39; María José Urrutia (PAL).


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