Overflows: In RN there is Pinochet, but absolute condemnation of crimes of Human Rights


O President of the National Renewal (RN), Mario Desbordes, referred Monday to the controversial dictates of the deputy Camila Flores during the last General Council of the party, where he publicly affirmed to be "pinochetista" and had no problem in proclaiming it.

Asked today about the subject, Overflows replied: "For me it complicates for me that I change the focus of the General Council which was so beautiful, we were talking about diversity exactly, but okay … In Renewal (National) there has always been Pinochet, this is no mystery"

"I do not think (the Pinochets) have slept, it has always been a subject within the councils that one sector is Pinochet. This is true, but with all of us we There may be Pinochet, but there is no doubt that there is absolute condemnation of human rights violations."he assured her.

Asked how it is possible to reconcile the two elements, the deputy stressed, "Why do you ask me to act as a third party lawyer?"

The violation of human rights "during the dictatorship or military government is a fact of the cause," he concluded.

Electoral Pinochetism

Meanwhile, in the IDU, and consulted on the same subject, the Jaime Bellolio assured that Pinochet on the right "ever there were. "

"I do not think there is more than before, I think are less than before, they are increasingly isolated. What happens is that now, in the electoral logic, come out with more voices and I think it is the wrong way. It may help you in the next elections, but it means giving up the future."Bellolio added.

"Bolsonarismo" UDI

The congressman has been a strong critic of his party's internal leadership, led by Senator Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, whom he has competed with for two years but was re-elected yesterday.

Bellolio said that in the coming months he will be engaged in dialogue with the militants to make a decision on whether or not to remain in the party, and questioned that UDI changed as a reference to Jaime Guzman and replaced him with the newly elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

"That's what I see, the current leadership made a kind of terror campaign in the last election saying that if they did not win, UDI would betray," he said.

Along these lines, the parliamentarian assured that "when I arrived last night at the results, What they started to sing is "the UDI was saved". So I ask myself, He was saved from what and what is the intellectual figure they put as a reference today? So far, the only one I have seen is the Bolsonaro. "


Meanwhile, the vice-president of Evópoli, the deputy Francisco Undurraga, said he does not believe there is an "involution" for the Pinochet, and assured that they are "personal expressions".

The government spokesman, Cecilia PérezHe also emphasized that in the Executive they see differences as a virtue.


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