Osorno elderly community denounces telephone fraud attempt | National


O Community Union of Senior Citizens of Osorno has denounced a new form of telephone fraud that has been affecting the community for the last time.

As detailed in the group, they were cheated by phone calls in which they are asked to deposit money in cash after a campaign to hand over shoes to alleged government officials. Senama and the provincial government.

The situation has been Luis Sánchez, president of the Community Union of Senior Citizens of Osorno, who accused him of being almost affected by the fraudulent action.

Sánchez says he received a telephone call from an alleged public official to confirm that, as a result of Senama and the provincial government, he would have benefited with the home delivery of footwear attributed to the members of the council, which immediately seemed suspicious.


Doubts were dispelled when the alleged official told him to deposit an amount of 35 thousand pesos to settle an urgent debt, which according to him would be returned at the time of delivery of the shoes. Due to the above, Sánchez contacted the respective organizations, from where they explained that everything was false.

Likewise, he pointed out that there are doubts about how many older adults have been deceived in the same way as operandis, which is in question.


Therefore, both Senama and the Provincial Government, they made a call be aware of this type of illicit and above all report any case of suspected fraud.


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