Organ donation fell by 33% during this year 2018


After the commemoration of Transplant Day a few days ago, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) reported on the current scenario of organ donation in Chile.

In the last year, only 106 people gave their organs, a number that contrasts with that registered in the same period last year (159 people).

In light of this situation, the number of transplants recorded a strong fallOf the 267 surgeries performed in 2017, 189 were performed this year, as reported by the newspaper La Tercera.

Deputy Secretary for Assistance Networks, Luis Castillo, explained This decrease is related to an opinion of the Controller's Office, a body that in 2017 established that relatives of persons registered as non-donors can not be consulted by medical examiners.

"The Comptroller's decision was reflected, for example, in the average of eight donors per month for the period from January to August 2018, compared with 12 to 13 average donors per month between July 2016 and December 2017."Castillo explains in this regard.

In order for this situation to change, the undersecretary "we reorganize all purchasing units to detect prospective donors in advance and thus increase the effective donation rate, through an active control plan by the National Coordination, together with Seremi. In addition, the issue of transplantation is already part of the management commitments of officials. "

In parallel, he adds that a bill was sent to Congress to change the Transplantation Law so that "Those registered as non-donors have to revalidate their position and that the will taken in life can not be reversed by the family, thus clarifying the position of the deceased on the subject, which, if approved, could imply, as occurred in other countries , an increase of up to 80% in the country's current donation rate ".


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