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Opinionists pause for a moment


In the last three weeks, panelists and commentators on the show and will make it happen to be the chiche of the morning, a kind of road to extinction. The local TV has chosen to focus on all those contained in the social movement and in the face of this new scenario, some have decided to leave and others have chosen to fall into the bank.

About blue

The lawyer-panelist was converted into a paladin of justice, a defender of social causes. But when TVN decided to stop counting in the morning: “I was told to have a presence and not accept it, and I couldn't say so much,” said Stingo.

Bonus track

Belén “Belenaza” Mora, llegó en septiembre a Buenos Días a Todos, recommended by the panelist and comedian Chiqui Aguayo (a mamita) to put the mood note in his absence. But even happy to raid as a panelist and in the intentions that it would continue, but for the social crackdown that was possible.

The resigned

Mauricio Jurgensen, Welcome, Channel 13

They have come to tears with tears in the eyes of Bienvenidos, Channel 13, and have decided to go ahead with a program where many confrontations and controversies over political issues ensue.

Marcela Vacarezza, Good morning everyone, TVN

I say adiós al morning, but not TVN. In the press I explained that his reasons were debating that today people wanted to listen to other people.

Nacho Gutiérrez, Good morning everyone, TVN

Nacho resigned his beloved morning, to focus on his producer in which there are programs to his paint and from where he wanted to follow current on television.

Karol Lucero, Mucho gusto, Mega

His absence from Mucho Gusto, Mega, was accompanied by a public “fun” that protesters read. Karol defended his honor and urged him not to misrepresent the movement by using it in his own hands, not by hating him. This situation accelerates his early morning withdrawal, according to which it is an information channel, if agreed in May, that Lucero presently resigns Mega to devote himself to his personal projects.

Los intermittentes

Hugo Valencia, Buenos dia everyone, TVN

“I was left to be intermittent. Today my participation in the morning is steadily attached to the subdiction (camera back, every day). By the way there is a warning, only he would be participating in some sections, above all when the artists speak of the social context. Honestly I believe that my role will never again be the same thing I had before and it is a challenge for me to show the camera other ways of communicating that I have a different way to do it ”.

Rachel Argandoña, Bienvenidos, Channel 13

Rachel now assists the program depending on the contingency of this day. And that's your contract with the morning "coanimating" index.

Al aguaite to return

Paulina Rojas, With You in the Hand, CHV

“I think we are not our (panelists) who we have to be there at this moment. The channel decided that they would be the animators, Monse (Álvarez) and Julio César (Rodríguez), who were moderating a panel with experts, politicians, government people, organizations, people, with opinions that people wanted to listen to and people they had. that give respuesta to the Chileans. By the way, we are waiting to come back when we digan. I am still working on the channel, as a panelist of Your life, your story, also in the morning and in all that is required ”.

Juan Pablo Queraltó, With You in the Hand, CHV

“In the morning it was decided that we were not studying because there is a need for a panel of experts, authorities, panelists. I care about the solutions and we are so clear. I am still working on the canal, grabbing Sabingo and always aware of what the canal and the morning need ”.

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