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As you should know a cookbook of the popular franchise The Elder Scrolls I was on my way. Well, now that it's been a while, Amazon listed and your reservations have been opened. Of course, as a precaution, we warn you that the book will be edited entirely in English, so if you do not master that language (and the art of cooking, by the way), be careful!

The book description is as follows:

Indulge yourself with all the delicious dishes that can be found in Skyrim, Morrowind and all Tamriel in this beautifully forged cookbook, based on the award-winning series of video games The Elder Scrolls. Immerse yourself in a diversity of culinary styles like the Nords, Bomer, Khajit and more with these recipes inspired by the food found in both the ancient Kingdom and Tamriel and more. With over sixty delicious recipes from fan favorites, including Apple Cabbage Stew, Solar Souffle, Sweetrolls and more. The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook will delight any Hungry Dragonborn.

About the author:

Chelsea Monroe-Cassel is co-author of the best-selling The Ice and Fire Party: The Official Game Book of the Game of Thrones and author of World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook. A lifelong fantasy artist and fan, Chelsea discovered her love for interesting food during her year of residence in Turkey. Like the love and fantasy settings she adores, Chelsea's work is a synthesis of imagination and historical research. Applying her multifaceted creativity to this passion, she took her to a career that consists in turning imaginary food into reality. She loves immensely foreign languages, treasure hunts, history and all things related to honey. She and her husband currently live in a Vermont home with a retired hunting dog and a sturdy Manx cat.

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