One week after her marriage and in the middle of a fight against cancer, her boyfriend left her sending a message on Facebook because she became fat.


Emily Nicholson moved to Australia from the UK and soon began a relationship with Jamie Smith.

The young woman, who is now 24 years old, started the trip in 2012 to design her career as a model, however, a terrible illness ended with all her plans.

In February 2016, they found a tumor in the brain, began treatment and in January of the following year doctors said he was only one year old, says the Daily Mail.

The couple decided to compromise and set a date to marry in August 2016, but due to different problems they postponed their marriage to March 2017.

When it was a week before the wedding, Smith contacted Emily via Facebook Messenger to stop her.

"He sent me a message and he told me that he did not want to stay with me and that he did not love me," she said.

Emily was devastated, she said that "it was horrible" and that she was sure he had left because she gained weight because of the drugs she was taking against cancer. "My steroid treatment and I looked different made him leave me," he said.

For a long time it was not explained why his beloved had made that decision, but when they were "looking to build our lives together in the time we had left," however now he says he feels nothing for him.

Jamie answered the charges and pointed out that it was Emily who had finished with him, and who did not go through his weight gain.

"If that was the case, I would have left her months earlier, because she started gaining weight before that. It had nothing to do with it, not at all," he told the British media.

She told her story following her return to the UK and a campaign she started at GoFundMe to raise funds to pay for a "pioneering immunological vaccine" that costs more than $ 26 million and would give her more years to live. .

"We are selling everything we have to cover the cost, but we need your help," he wrote.


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