One in three dogs in Chile is obese or overweight | Society


A study by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Colmevet) revealed that One third of dogs in Chile suffer from overweight or obesity mainly product of the sedentary lifestyle.

The member of the holding committee responsible for Colmevet, Franco González, endorsed responsibility to owners and explained to Subway that "in Chile, obesity is constantly increasing due to people's lifestyle."

"If you look at the city, most people live longer in the building, dogs have less space and one, with the pace of work, it takes much less to walk," he said.

Fatness Causes In Dogs diseases similar to those suffering from humansuch as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, pancreatitis, joint pain, among others.

González explains that to combat this reality, pets "should leave at least 20 minutes every day. not for a walk, but for a run or exercise"as recommended to humans.

"Descending to urinate for 15 minutes is not worth it, we need a more aerobic exercise, "he concluded.

Another important factor is the food. According to a Mars Petcare survey around the world, at least a quarter of people outgrow their pets to make them happy.

Besides that, 54% serve food when their dogs ask and 50% fill the plate with food as much as possible.

According to experts, the general rule of a dish for a pet is 50% vegetables, 25% carbohydrates and 25% proteins, although there are breeds with higher muscle mass that may require a higher percentage of proteins.

Besides that, from the age of 7, the diet should decrease the amount of protein to increase the fiber.


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