Official prices for iPad Air, iPad Mini and AirPods already exist in Mexico


IPad Air and Mini are now available in Mexico through Apple's online store. Here we report prices and versions available.

Apple wants more and more Mexico and brings us new products for the iPad that surely more than one will love. This includes AirPods, Of course, and Apple's star tablets

Apple, you're diabolical.

The announcement that these devices can now be purchased in Mexico has brought more information. We are talking about the versions that are already available in Mexico and the prices.

The 105-inch Air version and the 7.9-inch Mini will be the ones we'll have available in the Mexican market. But it is much more than that, since we will have several versions with different device-to-device storage.

IPad Air Versions

  • 64GB WiFi
    $ 12,199
  • 256 GB WiFi
    $ 15,699
  • 64GB WiFi + cellular
    $ 15,499
  • 64GB WiFi + cellular
    $ 18,999

IPad Mini Versions

  • 64GB WiFi
    $ 9,999
  • 256 GB WiFi
    $ 13,499
  • 64GB WiFi + cellular
    $ 13,299
  • 64GB WiFi + cellular
    $ 16,799 pesos

Apple iPad

Availability of AirPods

Yes, everything is very good and we buy like a thousand, but without a doubt the product that most Mexicans expect is the AirPods. Earphones that looks like they will not have a price that is not accessible, but surely they will also buy them massively.

  • AirPods + carrying case
    $ 3,599
  • AirPods + Wireless Charging Case
    $ 4,499

All prices are in Mexican pesos, keep that in mind when making your purchases. AirPods can make sound adjustments, change songs or answer calls thanks to Siri. Besides that, that your battery lasts 5 hours on a single charge.

Each charging case offers you another 3 hours of use with a charge of only 15 minutes, regardless of whether it is wireless or normal. When you buy any of the tablets, Your delivery will be around 5 business days up to 7 at the most. So you know, if you can not resist the temptation to buy these products more. You can already get it in the online store, here we leave the link.


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