Official photos and data of the Mercedes GLS 2019


Before you, the New Mercedes GLS 2019. It is one of the most important launches of Mercedes in 2019, especially in markets such as the US or China. It was at the New York Hall where Mercedes decided to celebrate the global presentation of this huge luxury SUV. It's practically a Mercedes S-Class SUV car, which has among its rivals direct cars like the BMW X7 or the giant Cadillac Escalade. It measures more than five meters long, has three rows of seats and is manufactured in the United States next to the Mercedes GLE. This is Everything you need to know about the new Mercedes GLS.

A Mercedes S-Class SUV Dress

First, it is a product focused mainly on the US and China markets, where cheap fuel and the likes of customers make these kinds of cars last less at the dealership than a candy at the door of a school. However, it will be sold also on the European market, where their sales will be much more scarce. The Mercedes GLS is a status symbol, a luxury SUV with both comfort and equipment and an S-Class, but with much more space: his battle is over stunning 3.17 meters, almost as long as that of a Mercedes V-Class.

It measures 5.21 meters in length, several centimeters more than a Mercedes S-Class short battle.

At the design level, we could say that he relies heavily on the lines of Mercedes GLE, his younger brother. However, it has a larger calender, more angular optics and an even higher waist. Its side profile has very marked wheel arches and its rear looks really futuristic. Its soft but strong lines are accented by the large wheels. It will have different finishes, with Details AMG who take their sporting image even further. Mercedes worked on its aerodynamics: it has a aerodynamic coefficient of only 0.32.

Its interior is covered with premium materials, such as upholstery of wood or leather. The possibilities of personalization are as high as in other Mercedes cars. The panel has the presence of a MBUX Information and Entertainment Systemas well as fully digital instrumentation. Both elements share the integration in the panel, with two 12.3-inch screens. The aerators surround the TFT module, giving the interior of the Mercedes GLS a modern visual and very technological.

Its Multibeam LED dot lights have 112 LEDs for optics, as well as having a range of 650 meters. Impressive

But the rear seats are the best place to travel in the Mercedes GLS. Not only are they huge, but they enjoy 11.6-inch infotainment screens and an optional 7-inch tablet with which they can interact with the MBUX system. Optional there will be a six-seat version of the Mercedes GLS, with individual seats with armrests in the second and third row. These luxury seats have electric regulation. The load capacity of this SUV is huge and, with all seats folded, has a storage volume of 2.4 cubic meters.

New V8 engines with electrification thanks to 48-volt EQ Boost system

At the mechanical level, there is great news in the Mercedes GLS line. The biggest one is electrified version of the 4.0 V8 Biturbo engines which we already know. The Mercedes GLS 580 4MATIC will be the top of the range – until you know the AMG – and they will have 489 HP of combined power. The Mercedes GLS 450 uses the already known six cylinders of three liters, also with light hybridization and 367 HP of power. In Europe, it will be sold in diesel versions: all share a six-cylinder structure without hybridization. The GLS 350 d will have 286 HP of power and the GLS 400 d will have 330 HP of power.

The EQ Boost system is a light hybridization system capable of assisting the engine with up to 22 HP in a timely manner. Eliminates the need for a traditional starter and alternator.

All engines of the Mercedes GLS 2019 will be associated with a 9G-Tronic gearbox of torque converter and nine ratios, as well as a 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system. In addition, the micro-hybrid versions, thanks to its 48-volt electric system, will have a pneumatic suspension with active rotation control, controlled wheel-to-wheel – is one of the great technical innovations of the Mercedes GLS 2019. Off- road safety are not neglected: the Mercedes GLS series reduction, to be able to cross all types of terrain with ease.

Active safety is never overlooked at Mercedes, with all the brand's recent innovations and a Internet-connected distronic system, for greater safety on expressways: to adapt our speed not only to road conditions and road signs, but will be able to predict the existence of traffic jams and detention, avoiding those classic and dangerous "scare" that occur in Find cars stopped unexpectedly .


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