OECD study reveals that 44% of Chilean children are overweight or obese | National


The most recent OECD study on public health in Chile established that 44% of children are overweight or obese, a condition that reaches 34% in adults.

Faced with this situation, the entity suggested a series of recommendations to improve public health policies, among which we highlight the strengthening of a broad set of prevention policies already established, such as the Law of Labeling and programs such as Choose Healthy Living ; target younger generations by setting limits for unhealthy products and establishing a rigorous monitoring system.

This was reported by the Metropolitan Health Service, Rosa Oyarce, who assured that education and information are the fundamental axes to overcome these numbers of obesity that the consumer receives in food.

In addition, encourage more hours of exercise in schools, but also within working hours.


In this regard, the president of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Juan Luis Castro, anticipated that they hope to implement a new obesity policy for March, but that There needs to be radical change and joint work between the Ministries of Health and Education..

"This requires that the food culture of Chileans change radically," he said.


This study also warns that "Chile has a health system and public health architecture in good working order," however, "the public health challenges the country faces could put any system under stress."

This is due to the fact that obesity is not the only problem that should be treated effectively, since "the smoking rate is relatively high, alcohol consumption is low, but it increases and cancer mortality is high with its incidence ".


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