O Higgins travels with the utmost confidence to embitter the party to the crusaders


Rancaguinos have to add up to reach the last meeting with concrete options to qualify for the 2019 South American Cup and if that happens, UC will not be crowned champion at home. In addition, both the University of Chile and the University of Concepción, I hope the heavenly "make grace" in the court of the buttresses.

Ricardo Obando

With confidence at the top, O Higgins will go to San Carlos de Apoquindo this Sunday. The Rancaguinos want to surprise the Catholic University and, thus, to gather key units to be able to define in the last date a possible classification for the Glass of South American of 2019.

In that sense, in the cast they have clear what to do, as said coach Marco Antonio Figueroa, more when in the front they will have a cast that get the three points and not win both the University of Chile and the University of Concepción will be crowned champion of the tournament.

That is why, as Figueroa said, "it is in our interest that he has the need to win because he will have to push us a little harder, he will have to take the ball out of us and that requires a double effort."
In addition, for the "Ghost", the cast of Beñat San José is very similar to the Camapanil, cast that they clearly gained on the last date. "They're a team that does not have a lot of intensity, they press on the assumptions and I said that once with U de Conce. Católica until 20, 25 minutes, it's a team and then another team and I think that's where we're going make the difference. "

Along with that, he added that, from that point of view, they have to "try to combine them in the physical part first and then try to outdo them in football, which is a complex mission."
Now, on campus rancagüino are clear on what they have to do. Midfielder Nicolás Oroz stressed that they should have the peace of mind to make the match, considering that the Catholics will want to leave with everything to seek a victory that will give them the title of the tournament.

"They will come from the beginning to want to pressure us and enter an arch, with the support of their people, with all the euphoria they may have, but it is up to us to keep calm, move the ball, try not to be driven the game and obviously we will take the necessary precautions to go to the three points, "he said.

Former Racing de Avellaneda also stated that "they are fighting important things but we have a goal as a group and we are going to do it. We will not get a Catholic point so they do not celebrate, but let's go to the points for us , in the last meeting, to be able to celebrate something for the next year (to qualify for the cup) ".

Now, O & # 39; Higgins will have a significant drop for this game. The balance in the midfield that Matías Vera gives will not be, since the transandino is suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards. To replace his position, Figueroa would have decided on Tomás Alarcón, an under-20 youth team that could perfectly fulfill Vera's duties. If so, the rest of the team will not move you and will act with a formula that has worked. As for the former New Chicago's absence, Oroz said that "Mati is a very important player for us, he showed throughout the tournament, one of the most regular, but Tommy has many conditions, Juan (Fuentes) as well. will do very well. "


Pablo Calandria, one of the leaders of the Rancagua squad, said Sunday's game will have many seasonings, since "we are in a moment of definitions, teams depend on us, the Catholic is sharp and alone and the others depend on let's take something (U and U of Conce). "

In his turn, the top scorer and who will live his penultimate match with the captain of the "Capo de Provincia" commented that they are well, because "we have overcome the bad moment of the season, we are very confident, seeing the possibility of qualifying for a cup" . and we are willing, and it is always good to play with that frame, with a full court, that motivates and it is legal to play like that. "
Finally, Roberto Cereceda pointed out in the previous that Catholics "unfortunately for them, will come across one of the best versions of O & # 39; Higgins this year." The way we play of course, conviction, hierarchy in some positions and this makes us effective both in attack and defense. "

It should be noted that the celestial will work on Saturday at the Monastery, and on Sunday will face the game with Miguel Pinto; Alejandro Márquez, Alberto Acevedo, Juan Fuentes and Roberto Cereceda; Tomás Alarcón, Ramón Fernández and Nicolás Oroz; Agustín Gutiérrez, Maxi Salas and Nicolás Mazzola.

Meanwhile, referee Roberto Tobar, who comes to justice in the first round of the 2018 Copa Libertadores, will be in charge of the fourth round in San Carlos de Apoquindo.

Parallel to the match between Universidad Católica and O & # 39; Higgins, the matches of Universidad de Chile vs Iquique and Universidad de Concepción vs San Luis will also be played. The title fight has the rancagüinos as guests for a day where they could fake the cross option of being champions in their field. It should be noted that the celestial does not add three points in San Carlos de Apoquindo since the season of 2013 (September 21), year in which the hand of Eduardo Berizzo won the crown.

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