now they condemn 9 carabineros in retirement


The Minister on extraordinary visit for reasons of human rights violations of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, Mario Carroza, condemned 9 members in the retirement of Carabineros for his responsibility in the crime of aggravated abduction of Ana María Campillo Bastidas and Patricia del Carmen Herrera Escobar, who were arrested in June 1974 and were illegally detained in the basement of Plaza de la Constitución, a place known as El Hoyo.

In the decision, the visiting minister condemned Manuel Agustín Muñoz Gamboa an effective sentence of 5 years and a day of imprisonment as the perpetrator "of the crimes of aggravated abduction, of sexual connotation committed at the time or occasion of the abduction of rape to the detriment of Ana María Campillo Bastidas and Patricia del Carmen Herrera Escobar between the months of June and July 1974 in Santiago.

Meanwhile, Francisco Segundo Illanes Miranda, José Luis Contreras Valenzuela, Wiston Humberto Cruces Martínez, Ernesto Arturo Lobos Gálvez, Sabino Adán Roco Olguín, Alejandro Segundo Sáez Mardones and José Hernando Alvarado Alvarado they were sentenced to 3 years and a day in prison, with the benefit of probation, as accomplices in the crime; José Edgar Hoffmann Oyarzún 541 days in prison, with the benefit of parole, as an accomplice, and Pedro Retamal Ortega was acquitted for lack of participation in the events.

In the investigation stage of the case, Minister Carroza was able to establish that in June 1974, members of the Intelligence Services Section of the General Secretariat of the General Directorate of Carabineros (SICAR) on two occasions kidnapped Socialist supporter Ana María Campillo Bastidas. On the other hand, Patricia del Carmen Herrera Escobar, a 19 year old university student belonging to the Youth of the Socialist Party, suffered the same fate.

"After their respective deprivations of liberty, both women were transferred to the underground of the Plaza de la Constitución, where they were held without rights for several days …. During the period of captivity in said precinct, they remained blindfolded, handcuffed and subjected to conditions of extreme helplessness, through repeated interrogations and repeated attacks on their sexual integrity, for having been raped and sexually abused, the enclosure for their abductors, the SICAR officials, "is detailed in the decision.

In the civil aspect, the Treasury was condemned to pay a compensation of $ 50,000,000 to each of the victims.

The other sentence

It must be remembered that about a month ago, Minister Carroza had condemned two members of the Carabineros in retreat for their responsibility in the crime of aggravated abduction of the socialist militant. Víctor Zerega Ponce, illegal since June 1974 in the center of the capital.

The convicted magistrate Manuel Muñoz Gamboa to 5 years and a day in prison, as author of the kidnapping of the member of the political party of the Socialist Party, who remained detained underground in the Plaza de la Constitución and was later executed on the Los Lilenes beach in Viña del Mar.


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