No, Apex Legends is not yet available for mobile phones: APKs are fake


Apex Legends is the fashion game. EA's Battle Royale is played by millions of people per day and managed to outbid Fortnite's Twitchers, but not its followers (two million versus 40 million, respectively). The CEO of EA has confirmed that it plans to bring Apex Legends to mobile platforms in the same way that Epic Games did with Fortnite and, again, repeat story.

When the Fortnite boom began, dozens of fake APKs promising access to the game by Android appeared on the Internet. They were infected with malware or were a phishing attack to steal accounts from Epic Games or asked you to download an app / watch an advertising video to "verify" the installation. With Apex Legends, the same thing is happening.

"Download Apex Legends APK", the words Drugs

Apex Legends Google In 0.34 seconds, Google returns more than 330,000 results. The first four, those that appear above all, are false.

Just search "Download Apex Legends APK" or "Apex Legends Android APK" on Google to find dozens of sites and videos on YouTube that they claim to have obtained the game install file. They provide a download link to an APK that, in the first instance, looks legitimate, but is about everything except the game.

We have downloaded some of these fake APKs to see what they offer and, indeed, still can not play Apex Legends on mobile. The most curious is "com.ea.apexlegends_signed.apk". It looks like an official file, and they even put it "signed" (signed) to give more authority. However, when we go through VirusTotal, we find two threat alerts.

Apex Legends is not yet available for mobile and we are not sure if it will be a day

One of them is "PUA.AndroidOS.Tapcore" which translates to "Potential Unwanted Application" or "Potentially Unwanted Application". Tapcore, on the other hand, is a monetization system for pirated apps. If you install it, the presentation video appears and even the lobby, but when you click "Play," it says that the device is not compatible with the beta and Redirect, of course, to the web from which we downloaded the APK, which contains ads.

Another APK we found (in a YouTube video with 15,000 views) is "Apex_Legends_Mobile.apk". VirusTotal does not detect any threats, but when we open the game and load the presentation video, tells us that we have to download an application to verify the installation. If we click, it will take us to VerifyCaptcha, a site for downloading promoted apps and known for sending advertising notifications.

If to this we add that APKs weigh 70 MB when the game for PC weighs 20.3 GB and Fortnite for mobile about 2 GB, then white and in bottle. And so we could continue with all Apex Legends APKs that populate the web because, at the moment, they are not available. No one can have an APK that does not exist.


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