Nintendo could stop producing home consoles in the future


If there is a word that is immediately associated with the universe of videogames, it is Nintendo. The company behind emblematic titles like Mario, Donkey Kong O Pokémon is still part of the market with its recent releases, always competing Sony and Microsoft. However, in the future, the company may choose to change part of your address.

In conversation with the Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei, Shuntaro Furukawa, chairman of the company, talked about the future of the company, explaining that the development of home consoles could not be something that is held forever.

Nintendo's story goes back to everything, and through all the struggles we face, the only thing we thought about was what to do next. approach as a company could move away from home consoles: flexibility is just as important as ingenuity, "said Furukawa.

Nintendo Switch is the brand's latest console, launched in March 2017. In its first month on sale, has managed to sell more than 2.74 million units worldwide, being the best selling console of its generation. This success is attributed, among other factors, to the acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Blowing the Wild.

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