Niemann seizes to be "the best of the best"


Yesterday I formally started the athletes' race to become "The Best of the Best," a prize traditionally given by the Sports Journalists Circle (CPD) for the year's top athlete.

And they knew the names of the best for each discipline, in a list that includes several classic names, like gymnast Toms González, triathlete Brbara Riveros and swimmer Kristel Kbrich (see list of winners). However, the great "Cndor" aspirants who receive the best of them all are four: golfer Joaqun Niemann, tennis player Nicols Jarry, Antonia and Melita Abraham jerseys and weightlifter Arley Mndez, who won the prize in 2017.

Niemann arrives with the support of having jumped, in less than seven months, from amateurism to the circuit of the PGA, the most important in the world of golf, in which he managed to win his full card in just three months and this allowed him to raise more than a million dollars. dollars in prizes, almost hallmarks in the history of local golf.

"What Joaqun did this year is fantastic, it was very explosive because he got something that very few did in history." If it were another year, "Joaco" will have won the prize for a landslide, but this time he will have a very tough competition. because Nicols Jarry and the Abraham sisters had a great season, "says Felipe Aguilar.

The jury is composed of four members of the board of CPD who transmit the votes of the members, which encourages the options of Niemann and Jarry, although, trust, the tennis player is harmed by the comparison with other figures of the sport, such as Marcelo Ros, Nicols Missa and Fernando Gonzalez.

"Tennis, like golf, is a very competitive sport, and everything Nicols has achieved is very difficult to achieve in just a year, I think he has the merits to choose," says Paul Capdeville.

The vote to choose the Best of the Best, as well as the National Award for Sports Journalism, will be on December 5, although the winner will only be known at the ceremony on December 17 at the Las Condes Municipal Theater.

"As a golfer, I would like Niemann to win, but the competition is very tough, Jarry, for example, is better in the rankings."


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