Nido Case: Government anticipates changes in Penal Code


The government has announced that the new Criminal Code will criminalize crimes related to privacy breaches on the Internet., after reopening the debate on the protection of Chilean personal data on the web and cyber crimes as a result of the case, with data and photos exposed without consent and threats and harassment of women.

From the executive acknowledged that the illicit in these digital networks are not typified, then the Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraínsaid that in the new text of the Criminal Code that operates the portfolio these crimes are included.

"The criminal situation presented by the Nido case is very complex because it deals with new figures and behaviors that, taking advantage of the technologies, commit truly criminal acts and yet not all are properly reflected in the current criminal legislation and that is why our preliminary draft of Criminal Code was considered a new text that includes the crime of non-consensual display of sexual content, which was recorded in a consensual form, but does not intend to be disclosed"said Larrain.

In addition, the Secretary of State indicated that he will be the crime of harassment to address the different types of harassment that women face.

More than 230 testimonies of women victims of the site He claims to have received the Association of Feminist Advocates (Abofem), who filed a complaint yesterday at the Justice Center, while only the IDP lists 71 complaints.

The alleged site administrator, Lamuel Donoso, committed suicide on Tuesday night when he launched himself on Santiago's subway lanes, and the prosecutor's office confirmed that he has been investigated since Jan. 31 for possible storage of child pornography.


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