Nicole "Luli" Moreno's anguished questions to the gendarmes after the formalization of her son | TV and Show


A journey you will probably want to forget lived Nicole "Luli" Moreno this Monday. The model was present in the formalization of its son of 16 years, that is being accused of frustrated homicide.

The teenager He was provisionally admitted to a Sename center during the investigation, which will be extended for 100 days. This, after being involved in the participation of a shooting that occurred early on Thursday in Las Condes, where the victim was at vital risk.

At the Oriental Prosecutor's Office, where the hearing was held, Moreno arrived with a friend and his mother, and she was devastated by what was happening to her son. After the action was announced against the young man and was taken over by police officers, Nicole began talking to the police.

The intention of the model was to know the conditions that the child would have to face in the next 100 days. "They're going to feed him, right? Are you going to have a bed or go to sleep on the floor?"asked the exchica of anguished reality, according to the slogan of The Fourth.


Although Nicole tried to give her warm clothes and some food for the youngest, this was not possible and she had to leave very affected of the place.

According to the Intrusions program, the lowest risks a penalty of three years and one day which could be fulfilled within a Sename center.

Recall that the Investigative Police confirmed on Saturday that the model's son was arrested for his alleged participation in the shooting of a 16-year-old boy in Las Condes.

The minor was arrested in San Fernando and as detailed by the PDI It was your mother who handed you to the police., then detention was specified at the police station.


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