Nicolás Chávez thrilled everyone for his dedication in Pasapalabra


In this new game night of Pasapalabra, teams competed to accumulate the most amount of seconds to complete the accumulated 42 million pesos.

It was time to play the musical La Pista, where the engineering student of San Fernando and captain of the blue team surprised to hit quickly after listening to a second of the song. No doubt the test is not easy to guess, except with so few clues given, but Nicolas played the trumpet to sing the song "Cuando te vi vi" by Camila.

But not everything remained in this, since in a tender and romantic gesture, he asked to dedicate this topic to his girlfriend and both the famous guests and the present public rushed to him to embrace him.

If you missed this good time, relive it here alongside #PasapalabraCHV.


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