Sunday , June 20 2021

New virus transmitted by rodents may reach the country, health alert

The Directorate General of Sanitary Surveillance said that it is on alert before the arrival of "Hantavirus" or rodent-transmitted virus, which has already registered 12 fatalities in Argentina.

"Given the outbreak of hantavirus in Argentina, where up to now the number of deaths is 12 and more than 30 affected by the virus, health authorities in our country are on alert and urge people to take preventive measures," said part of the statement .

Dr. Guillermo Sequera, head of the General Directorate of Sanitary Surveillance, pointed out that the virus is transmitted through the excreta (urine and feces) of the mouse.

He said Argentine experts suspect the virus is mutating. "In the neighboring country, the research is being conducted through laboratory studies or DNA sequencing, to confirm this suspicion," he said.

"We are very attentive to these results, which will depend on whether or not to change the approach to the disease. If confirmed, we will practically face a new disease," he said.

He added that if confirmed the possibility of transmission of the virus by inter-human contact, the surveillance system is on alert for any suspected hantavirus case.

To avoid the virus, they recommend the correct disposal of garbage in plastic bags. Photo: Aníbal Gauto.

To avoid the virus, they recommend the correct disposal of garbage in plastic bags. Photo: Aníbal Gauto.

The expert explained that the person with hantavirus can present fever, nausea, vomiting, cough, headache, abdominal pain and respiratory discomfort.

"In case of any of these symptoms, please go immediately to the doctor, to avoid image complications that can lead to the death of the patient in just 48 hours," he said.

-Removes house rats is not recommended to catch live rodents in traps. If the mouse is alive "NO", it is advisable to take it by hand.

-Ventilate and keep the indoor environments clean, especially those places used as warehouses.

– At the time of cleaning, it is advisable to moisten the floor before, in order to avoid inhalation of the viral particles that can be spread by the powder.

– It is necessary to avoid contact with small rats and their burrows and not disturb their coats.

– Dispose of trash correctly, collect the trash in plastic bags, close it properly and deposit it in containers approved for this purpose.

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