New vehicle sales accelerated in January


In the first month of the year, sales grew 3.5% to 36,543 units, with the highest number of units sold for a month in January.

After recording a record in 2018, sales of light and medium vehicles continued to perform positively in January and registered an increase of 3.5% in relation to the same month of 2017, totaling 36,543 units, Looking at the largest number of units sold for a month, the National Automobile Association of Chile (Anac) reported Friday.

In this way, the market showed a recovery compared to the previous two months. In November, the automotive industry registered a decrease of 2.7% in relation to the same month of 2017, while in December they returned to highs, but with a slight increase of 0.6% and sales of 34,981 units.

Despite this deceleration in 2018, it recorded a record, with 417,038 units sold, and a 15.6% increase compared to 2017, and in the sector is expected to reach a new record this year, with sales that can reach 425 thousand units .

In the first month of the year, sales were led by Chevrolet with 9.4% of the total, followed by KIA with 8.9% and Susuki with 8.1%.

In January passenger car sales increased 1.3% to 14,236 units, SUV sales rose 6.7% to 13,413 units, vans increased 8.8% to 5,805 units and commercial vehicles fell 7.9% to 3,089 units.

The regions with the highest sales were the Metropolitan Region with 22,987 units, Valparaiso with 3,157 units, with Bío Bío 2,036 units and Los Lagos: 1,375 units.


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