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The group led by Bernard Sumner will finally have his fourth encounter with the Chilean public. After overcoming the unfortunate deadlock with Mexico's cargo delay, producer Lotus and New Order management worked hard to reschedule the show scheduled for November 21.

The new date is agreed for the January 9 at Teatro Caupolicán, after the previous date should be canceled due to problems in departure of the cargo of your equipment from Mexico.

The Manchester group, a pioneer in pop synths and responsible for hymns such as "Blue Monday" and "True Faith", is arguably one of the most relevant groups of the last 30 years.

The influence of the New Order was recognized by artists as diverse as Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The Killers and The National. His discography releases inescapable titles, such as "Power, Corruption & Lies" and "Republic", which this year has turned 35 and 25 years since its release, respectively.

Ticket Information

Tickets for November 21 are valid for the new date. If you do not agree to this rescheduling, you may request a refund of the money from November 28 through December 28.

If you have already requested reimbursement of tickets, bought online and wish to participate in the new date, Punto Ticket will contact you directly, and the purchase will be respected until Tuesday, December 4th.

If you bought at the Point of Sale, you requested a refund and want to participate in the new date on which you must write [email protected], the purchase will be respected until Tuesday, December 4.

If you do not agree with this reprogramming, here are the steps to follow:

– The reverse of the money will be made through the same means by which it bought and takes approximately 25 working days. If you have not withdrawn your ticket, the money will be automatically reversed according to the payment method used.

– If you have withdrawn your ticket and the purchase was made at any point of sale, with the exception of Hites, or online, the refund can be requested at any point of sale of the Ticket Point.

– If the purchase was made in the Hites stores, you must go to the same place where you bought it, presenting the ticket and the entry (must be complete), the return of the money will be reflected in the next billing.

For any questions, you can write to Punto Ticket customer service [email protected]

Ticket Sales: Ticket Point and physical points of sale at Tiendas Hites and Cinemark as of Wednesday, November 28.



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