New Dawn does not go out with the girls in a new trailer with real actors


Far Cry: New Dawn, the sequel to Far Cry 5, 17 years later. To promote its imminent arrival, Ubisoft invites us to see a new traileralthough it is quite special to be starring real actors.

The video focuses mainly on the twins Mickey and Lou, the villains of evil that we will face in this sequel. Of course, in the trailer they make it clear that they will be able to do not leave puppet with head if someone is positioned against you.

Throughout several sequences, with the theme "It's raining Men" bottom, they are filmed with all the customers of a bar of this post-apocalyptic version of the county of Hope that we will have to travel and in which we will aim to end the faction of the looters.

There will only be a way of seeing if we will succeed or if, on the contrary, we will become the new victims of these sisters of evil, and this will be February 15th When Far Cry: New Dawn arrives on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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