Monday , March 1 2021

New background evidence would show that Leo Méndez Jr. was the one who leaked the supposed sexual video of Joaquín Méndez

Last sunday Joaquín Méndez he was the victim of an alleged leak. A sequence that showed two men having sex, one with blond hair very similar to the panel of "Much Like".

Mendez denied it quickly, but there were certain characters who preferred not to believe in the transandeano. This was the case Leo Méndez Jr. who, urging him to "get out of the closet," used his social networks to talk about it.

However, due to this sudden interest in the case, the young man ended up being the target responsible for spreading the video. And, of course, such a charge generated a war on social networks between him, the lecturer of the "Intruders" Catalina Pulido and the ex-partner of the blonde, Camila Recabarren.

Both attacked the young man, according to the ex miss ChileIt was he who would have sent the record, and not just her.

Yesterday in "Intruders"This controversy was addressed again, an example where unpublished details have surfaced.

This would confirm that it was Leo Méndez Jr., who

"For us, as a program, we also received the video through Leo Méndez Jr. We have to say that."He explained Alejandra Valle To size, he explained that such was the level of viralization that would reach even Michael Roldán, who is on vacation.

In that way, he would have received internal messages for a large part of the team, all sent by the boy from Sweden. At the same time, the producer of the program of La Red left to tell how the recording came to him:

"An unknown number talks to me on WhatsApp, with a foreign prefix, and I get a video. I see and we think it was him." Later I asked him if it was Leo Méndez Jr. and he said "yes, it's me". I had never spoken to him.I asked how he got my contact – I did not follow him, nor him to me on the social networks.He told me that a friend had given him.It was to send the video of Joaquin, and I am aware of that Leo was also in charge of sending him on the Instagram for various media, for other public figures, so the matter is complicated, "explained Raúl.

Then add: "I caught the attention that sent me screenshots of other conversations." That makes you think I was looking for something. Let's be honest, for something he sent to Camila Recabarren. "

While it has not been proven that Mendez Jr. was the only one who transformed the video for the first time, it was confirmed that he had a fundamental role in the dissemination of, which could have serious consequences for the son of the "Stockholm" interpreter.

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