New airline connects Santiago and Barcelona for 180 thousand pesos


The first Chilean aircraft is already in Chile Level, the new low cost airline that will make direct flights between Santiago and Barcelona, ​​with tickets that will of US $ 130 thousand per stretch.

With a frequency of two flights per week, on Thursdays and Sundays, The level is the first low cost which will offer transatlantic flights. Because it is cheap, at this reference price, neither the suitcases nor the food that are bought on board are considered.

"It's not exactly the same as low cost flights on short flights, we have a basic price, which is without choosing the seat, or considering luggage or food. He considers on-board entertainment with 66 films and 117 television shows, "said Level CEO Vincent Hodder, The second.

Level is from the same company that also controls companies like Iberia and British Airways. In July, the service from Santiago to Barcelona will increase by two additional frequencies, although there are no other routes to our country.

By exercising on the company website, you can see that the ticket from Barcelona to Santiago costs $ 236, about 176,000 Chilean pesos. Round trip is a bit more expensive: 591 euros, about 442 thousand Chilean pesos.

The government applauded Level's arrival.


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