Saturday , October 23 2021

Netflix and Spotify enter the new CPI: INE updates the basket of goods and services | economy


The National Statistical Institute (INE) has announced that it will update the basket of goods and services that allows measuring the Consumer Price Index (CPI) with the elimination of some elements, along with the addition of platforms such as Netflix and Spotify.

"This change in the base year meant updating CPI's basket of goods and services – using the VIII Family Budget Survey (EPF) as the primary source – to reflect how consumer spending habits have changed. to construct a more precise and representative index of the behavior of the prices of the economy, "said the INE.

Among the most relevant changes, the elimination of some products, such as suits or both of men, land and fertilizers, and legal advice services. Those who addition are online subscription services, which refers to expenses associated with the consumption of content via streaming or online, including the aforementioned platforms.

Other products within merged classes or subclasses. In relation to the previous system, the number of divisions (12), groups (41) and classes (88) is maintained, but the number of subclasses decreases (from 137 to 136) and products (from 321 to 303).

"The products selected correspond to the most consumed in at least four of the five quintiles of the population, that is, in most of the socioeconomic strata.

The changes will be reflected starting February 8, 2019, when the January CPI delivery corresponds.

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