Sunday , October 24 2021

Natti Natasha fell in love with fans without makeup and singing a capella | Social networks


There is no doubt that Natti Natasha is one of the most successful Latin music stars of the last time. Her own hits as well as collaborations broke several records and are considered one of the most sought-after women on YouTube.

Owner of a talent and an attitude that conquers millions of fans around the world, the Dominican has opened a space in the industry of the urban rhythm and reggaeton, consolidating like one of the most recognized references juveniles.

Its popularity also reaches social networks and only on its Instagram has more than 9.4 million followers, the same ones who love daily with different records of their activities.

On this occasion it was a video of the young woman singing a capella the popular song Baby if you give me of Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey, and without a drop of makeup. Yes, totally natural.

His video had over 568,000 views and more than 1,300 comments, which mainly highlights how well he looks "washed face". "I see you very cool and then the natural";"How beautiful you sing.; "No makeup, you look more beautiful.";"So beautiful to nature";"You are much more beautiful to nature.", Were some of the messages that were repeated.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the singer is shown so and the result is always the same: pure compliments from his fans.

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