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National punctuation request appeals after not receiving Bonus: "I will search the way to study" – National


National punctuation request appeals after not receiving Bonus:

Vicente Agüero is from Curicó, his mother is unemployed and he assured that he could not study in Santiago because he does not have the money.

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Vicente Agüeronative of CuricóIt is one of 209 national scores They were notified of the academic performance achieved at PSU 2018, but their situation became publicly known after they said they received no bonus, jeopardizing their study options.

In an interview with Emol, the 18-year-old said he thought he had missed an answer on the math test but was very happy when he was called in to confirm his 100% effectiveness.

However, Vincent's happiness was slightly affected after he was notified on the same day that he received no gratuities or benefits from the state.

He assured that "There was an inconsistency in the data we delivered", then the Ministry of Education did not accept his request.

The problem, Agüero continued, is that without the benefit he finds it difficult to study, since his idea is to enter industrial civil engineering at the Catholic University, but this would involve a transfer and expenses that he can not do since his mother is unemployed. .

"Now we're going to have to appeal", emphasized the young man, emphasizing that if this does not result "I will look for the way to study, but would be in debt".


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