Natal generates a 30% increase in the hiring of labor


At least 30% will increase the hiring of labor for this year's holiday season. Randstad human resources consulting is predicted because, as in previous years, sectors such as commerce, transportation, logistics, retail and hospitality are experiencing an increase in the number of available jobs, as they are directly related to the increase in consumption. during this season of the year.

Diego Oliva, the company's branch manager, points out that digitization and new technologies have influenced consumption habits, changing the standards of new business models, jobs, professional profiles and the needs of the market itself. For this reason, companies are increasingly demanding profiles that adapt to change and use digital tools, covering the demands generated both digitally and conventionally.

"When we talk about the Christmas campaign and the jobs it generates, we tend to think mainly of shopping malls and big stores, but we also have to take into account that household consumption increases with the incorporation." such as boxes or refuelers, in most supermarkets. "

Other highly requested profiles for this date are those corresponding to the transportation and logistics sector: packers, refuelers / like, winemakers or transporters; while in the market, promoters offer promoters and business profiles, focused on customer service.

"But they not only require staff to perform these tasks physically and face-to-face, but also by phone or online, such as call center assistants or business executives." In this aspect, the most valued is the close relationship with the client and the gifts. In the same way, the hotel industry registers a peak of work in those dates, due to the great number of events and social meetings that are realized, for that reason, the equipment of reinforcement is looked for in kitchens and halls. or chefs are the most requested jobs in this regard, "said the professional.


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