NASA plans to make commercial flights and take tourists to space


The economic needs that NASA would face would lead the agency to seek funding in response to requests from private investors.

NASA may soon face one of the biggest changes it has ever seen in its history. The reason is that the US government does not want to shoulder the high costs of the agency and plans to start eliminating them in the coming years. Helpless and at a critical moment, the organization contemplates new horizons: private initiative.

This was recently revealed by the Washington Post, saying NASA would seek a response to the White House's intentions to stop funding the International Space Station directly until 2025. It looks like everything would be part of a plan its directors are putting together. for two months, as announced by its administrator Jim Bridenstine.

And how would that be achieved? Well, trying some millionaires to spend their money on space vacations. That's right: NASA intends to sell commercial flights to take tourists to space.

Both the leaders of the agency and the representatives of the private sector seem very optimistic about the generation of alliances. As they explain, they expect to get more infrastructure and funding to be able to continue with innovations in the future.

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What are the options?

The proposal would include selling seats directly to tourists to go into space. But not only that, but it is evaluated to allow the use of the NASA logo for commercial proposals. Let's not be weird if in a few years we see astronauts appearing on television just to promote space travel.

They would be studying whether they would start selling nomination rights to their rockets. The idea is to stop being as restrictive with the use of your image for private purposes as they were until now. In fact, they could participate in programs to promote space activities with children who dream of being astronauts.

Remember that the agency has not been manufacturing its own ferries since 2011. Therefore, it had to ally with Roscosmos and companies like SpaceX and Boeing. Therefore, this episode would only be a consequence of what he has been experiencing in recent years.

There are many possibilities. That is why NASA should be careful to know what to choose, but make sure to take action before it runs out of funds.

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