Nano Calderón tries to "leach" Luis Gnecco while defending Raquel Argandoña


The actor Luis Gnecco released a few weeks ago expletives against Patricia Maldonado and Raquel Argandoña through the Instagram calling them "old Culia" for the "acid" said by the opinion about the dismissal of Amparo Noguera TVN.

Despite the insult, the cheerleaders of television and radio took without much difficulty and called the new program of humor, responding without further details to the actor, who also returned to post on the social network.

A few days later, however, Raquel's son, Hernán Calderón, took his mother's "corporate defense" by publishing the following in an Instagram story:

"Let's see if he's a man like that.And this clown thinks he's crying because he has no respect for my wife for nets? Tell that garbage that if he's brave, I'll respond to the message and publicly challenge him to tell him- where and when we meet to see if he dares disrespect it in my face, "says Kel's brother.


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